Munu Emergency Blog

Friday, July 21, 2006

MuNu down...again

This is the third time in four days that MuNu has been down. We should try to use the emergency blog more effectively to get the word out on what is going on.

Of course, none of it matters if Pixy is soundly asleep right now. :)


P.S. I'm still waiting on those instructions from Eric Grumbles old log about how to generate Technorati tags (or tags or Flickr's all the same) from MT keywords. There are plenty of ways described on the web, but they all require this plugin or that to be installed, and I'm not quite sure what MuNu has in its library of plugins. Apparently Eric hit upon the formula that worked for this installation of MT.

P.P.S Does this matter with the Minx migration? Will anything I do today still work in a few weeks?