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Monday, December 12, 2005

Network Problems

There seem to be some major routing issues with parts of the internet at the moment, and they may be preventing you from reaching I can't currently reach either or the hosting company (DedicatedNOW), but the indications are that the problems are occuring long before the traffic reaches DedicatedNOW's network. In fact, the packets are travelling from Australia to America, coming back again, and then disappearing entirely.

I'm hoping this will be fixed soon.

Oh, and WebHostingTalk, the site I usually turn to for information in such circumstances, is down right now for a software upgrade. Yay.

Update: Now traffic headed for isn't even leaving Australia.

Update: Coming back online now. Telstra have re-routed their link through Chicago. Exetel still seem to be working on it. Chilli are going via LA and New York. Can't check iiNet right now. If you still can't reach the server, it means that your ISP hasn't found a way around the problem yet.


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