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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

MuNu Done Blowed Up Real Good

Hi munu fans.

The munu server has blowed up. The various problems we've been having with spam floods and denial-of-service attacks and getting Farked have been real, but the reason they were killing the server was an intermittent drive failure.

That failure is no longer intermittent.

Our last full offsite backup was yesterday, so this could have happened at a worse time. I'm working on recovering any updates from the last few hours, and after that I'll be bringing things up on our backup server. This may take a few hours, so please bear with us.

(Yes, we have mirrored disks. If one of them had simply failed outright, this wouldn't have been a problem. Instead, it's gone completely mad, generating spurious errors and generally screwing things up.)

Update 16:13 AEST: All user files and critical system files are on the backup server, and I'm attempting to bring it up to date with rsync. I've logged a request for the faulty drive to be replaced; at this point we don't have much to lose even if they get it wrong and pull out the good drive...

Minor update: The rsync is doing much better than I'd expected, so I'll let it run. After that, I'll try for a backup of MySQL so we'll be completely up to date.


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